Arrival and First Day in LA

So, today is my first day in LA. The flight yesterday went really well but I didn't get to have a  lot of sleep. I can never sleep well in chairs. Luckily I had an empty seat next to me so I did have some extra space. I arrived in Los Angeles at 6 PM. I had to pass border control and after that I could go and get my luggage, which I didn't have to wait long for. My next task was to find my transfer. I didn't really know where to go because the LAX airport is really really big. But after following signs I found my transfer. I was in it with a few other people. One of them was Dutch and we had some stories to share. It always eases my mind if I have someone to talk to who is in the same situation as me. It reminds me that I'm not completely alone on my trip. Anyways, as my transfer was finally moving, it was getting dark and the city lights were turning on. We drove towards the centre of LA and what a sight. I could see city lights completely filling my view from left to right to the end of the horizon. The size of this city kind of overwhelms me. Los Angeles is really, reaaally big. The tall buildings of the centre were slowly getting closer and we were all attentively watching it, realising we were really here, in the City of Angels. As we arrived in the centre I noticed that this city is completely different from the Netherlands. Many parts aren't really well maintained, especially the streets and there are a lot of homeless people around with tents and sleeping bags. It kind of shocked me how many homeless people there are here. It reminds me that this city is just so big and so crowded that she (LA) doesn't have the time and space to watch over anyone. And I'm just here, on my own, in this huge city. It made me feel so small for a moment.

Finally I arrived at my hostel, which is located right on Hollywood Boulevard. I was the last one to be dropped off, so it took a while to get here. I checked in, got to my room and claimed the top bunkbed, as I couldn't sit upstraight at the lower bed. When I settled in, I could finally come to rest after my long travel.

Next day (which is today for me now), I woke up really early, multiple times. Jet lag is bothering me unfortunately. Anyways, after finally showering my travelstress off, I had breakfast with one of my roommates. Nice, sweet bagels. It was simple but I enjoyed it. The hostel is also very nice. It's quite big and there are a lot of other backpackers. There is a nice lounge with a few comfi sofas and a pooltable. I like the vibe out here. I was quite nervous to go outside today on my own. The size of the city still kind of intimidates me. I went outside with my roommate and we walked a small part of Hollywood Boulevard. After that we went on a tourbus through Hollywood. It was nice to see more of the city so I'm getting more familiar with the area. We stopped at the tar pit museum, which was free, and made a few pictures. As I went on the tourbus again about an hour later, she was meeting a friend and we seperated ways. Many parts of LA seemed so familiar to me which was weird because I've never been here. Then I realized it's because of the game GTA 5 which is very accurate in the representation of Los Angeles, I noticed :P

The weather today is weird. First it was cloudy and about 15 degrees celcius. But when the sun came through it felt like 25 degrees, which I really liked. But the weather quickly turned from sunny to rainy. Yes, rain in LA. Apparently that's not very usual out here. Now I'm here in a coffee bar, steeling free WIFI to write this story while enjoying my croissant and cappucino. In an hour I'm going to the Griffith observatory with people of my hotel. My first day is already going well, and I'm starting to get the hang of being here. Looking forward to see the rest of LA.

See ya tomorrow!



Rob Tabak

Nice to read about your first impressions and activities. Can't wait to read about the Griffith Observatory.

Mystica-Rosa Deijnen

Stoer hoor Jane👍. Grappig je bericht over GTA. Ik moest daarom lachen en dacht "zou onze Floris kunnen zeggen😉
Heel veel plezier en ik kijk uit naar je volgend bericht.
Liefs Tante Mies


Leuk om te lezen, en zo meegenomen te worden, door deze grote stad. Veel plezier geniet luister altijd naar je gevoel. Lieve groetjes xx


al goed begonnen , veel liefs

Mom Anita

Great to hear you're doing well. When we are preparing for the evening you are prepering for the morning. It's so strange. You are building already a lot of impressions. They will never fade...Love you

Your dad.

What a beautiful discription of your feeling and observations. It reads like a novel.

Mama Anita

Wat een mooie ervaringen allemaal. Memory's in a frame of pictures.....forever

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