San Diego

San Diego was the best. The ITH adventure hostel was so nice. The people were so welcoming and the place felt like a big student home. There actually were people who hired a room there and lived there. Everything was just really informal in a good way. The common room was full of musical instruments you could play whenever you wanted and we had some awesome jam sessions. Making music with random people is just so much fun and you really get to know people from it. We used to hang out on the porch a lot. It was a great place to relax in the sun while someone is playing the guitar or piano. My first day in SD I just went out to explore the city. I noticed there were certain bikes and little scooters you could unlock with an app and ride them anywhere you want. I used those a lot to go places. These bikes were so handy and you could find them everywhere. They were perfect for a ride along the coast. This day it was so hot too. A perfect sunny day. I went to the waterfront park and walked through the water to cool off. In the evening we had a potluck BBQ and it was sooo nice. I met so many nice people that evening. The next days I went to some other places with some people. It's nice to be able to do so many fun things with people you just met. You have so many things to talk about and learn about different nationalities. My last evening at the hostel we had a house party with people of different hostels. I actually met someone at the hostel I had maths class with in Utrecht a few months ago. We were like. "Omg I know you!" but at first we didn't know what from. But seriously what are the chances to meet someone in this one little hostel in the US. It was so funny. Anyways. San Diego was so nice and I absolutely fell in love with this city. I just like everything about it. There are so many fun places to go and it's all so close to each other. I would love to come back there. When my plane to Seattle was departing I looked down and I realised I was really leaving California. It made me kinda sad. I had been in this place for roughly a month and this place became so familiar. It's weird to really leave a place like that knowing I wouldn't go back there in a long time. I would really miss the hot Californian sun too. And believe me I still miss it already. I'm in Seattle now and the weather is actually really good for Seattle. But it still not as hot as California. Not even close. Man I miss that summer weather. Anyways I had a very good time in SD. Now I'm in Seattle which I will write about later because I'm kinda lazy woops.




met plezier je relaas gelezen


Leuk om steeds zo te lezen, dat het goed gaat. Ps van die fietsen hebben wij hier ook ze staan overal, en met een speciale app kan je meenemen. En weer ergens neerzetten. Idd heel grappig

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