I'm sorry I haven't been writing much lately. I just don't really take the time to do it because it takes so long to write a story. Anyways, Seattle was so nice. For a week I stayed with a family my parents met on a holiday in France. Although they knew each other for only 4 days they seemed to get along very well. I was so lucky to be able to spend my week with them in Seattle and we had loads of fun. During the week they had to work and their daughter went to school so I had the house to myself haha. However I went downtown basically every day. They got me a City Pass which I could use to go to a variety of museums or other very Seattle things like the Space Needle. The first day downtown I mainly wandered around a bit to get to know the city. I spent a lot of time in Starbucks. It became part of my routine basically when I went downtown. Every time I just had to take a break at Starbucks. I know, It's not cheap but whatever, I just wanted my coffee. I mean, it doesn't really matter where you look in Seattle and there's a Starbucks. There's literally a Starbucks on every two blocks. I'm not kidding. No wonder I got a little addicted to Starbucks :P

Anyways, I went to Pike Place market where I saw some fish sellers throw with fish. That was fun. These people made a real show from just selling fish. Apparently they throw a big fish every time someone buys one. Pike Place market is a cute place with a lot of little shops.

After walking around there and seeing the disgusting but pretty gumwall I walked to Seattle Centre which was about 20 minutes walking from downtown. In the centre there's the Space Needle and a couple museums. My first day I went up to the Space Needle. It was kinda disappointing though when I arrived to the top. Apparently the Space Needle was under construction so there was no fancy restaurant or anything. And one part of the outside railing was under construction too so I couldn't completely walk around to get a 360 degree view. I made some pretty pictures though but I only stayed up top for about 15 minutes.

I also went to Chihuly Gardens and Glass museum. It was beautiful to see all these fancy artsy glass thingies. I made some nice pictures there too.

The rest of my days downtown I had a harbour tour on a boat, I went to the aquarium and the EMP museum. I spent the weekend with the Baileykazes. They basically drove me around to show me the area and we had lunch and dinner at some cool places. We went to the Fremont troll, gasworks park and things like that.

I really enjoyed my time with the Baileykazes. They are such nice people and they made me feel so at home (I know I apparently feel at home at a lot of places). I'm really grateful for everything they did for me and I wish (yeah again) that I had more time. One week was just too short. I even wanted to change my flight to stay longer but that got too expensive. Anyways, I really hope to come back once. And of course, they are more than welcome to visit us in Eindhoven!



Mama Anita

Leuk om je ervaringen te lezen. We kijken er iedere keer weer naar uit.

Rob Tabak

The Baileykazes have found a way into our hearts. We look out to their visit to the Netherlans in 2019. Your stay in Seattle is beautifully described. We look out for a (halfway) report on the Boyd Family Ranch.


Oh wat leuk om te lezen Jane
Wat een top tijd en ervaringen en indrukken.... geweldig.
Nou geniet ervan op naar de volgende 😘😘

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